Susie Straubmueller

Susie Straubmueller, President/Designer

Born and raised in El Paso and well-traveled throughout Central and South America as well as Europe, Susie Straubmueller artfully blends the vibrant colors, unique voices and diverse influences she has absorbed during her journeys.

From her childhood work­ing with her mother to craft inspired clothing items for herself, to her work as a model, stylist, designer, and her training at the hands of preeminent master leather workers, Susie has developed a style that is distinct, sophisticated and functional while uniquely stylish.

Her passion for leathercraft and her vast array of experiences and influences are communicated in every piece, and her eye for design is reflected in each stitch. Susie Straubmueller’s couture handbags are perfect for evening or sunlight and designed for those who can discern quality that encompasses vision, attention to the smallest details and a respect for color and design.

Hand-numbered in limited editions and signed by Susie herself, every handbag is a unique one-of-a-kind work of art due to the process of inspiration and creation and the mutable, complex nature of working with exotic leather as a medium. Her control and understanding of color, lines and style are brilliantly clear, and each complex piece is the product of exhaustive craftsmanship, intuitive artistic vision and a bold sense of style that is hers alone.


Lucite Packaging

Protecting & Storing Your Items

Every Susie Straubmueller bag ships securely in specially made Lucite cubes, etched with the Susie Straubmueller logo. These custom hand-made cases come complete with a sliding door and helps to protect your Susie Straubmueller bag. Perfect for shipping and safe storage.